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Attention! Conference of the Honorary Consuls of Estonia is going to be held on 26.-29.06.2018 in Tallinn, Saaremaa and Muhumaa. Most of the Estonian Honorary Consuls are participating in this event. As a result, a large number of the Honorary Consulates will be closed during the Conference. For specific information in regard to closure of the office, please contact the Honorary Consul in question.

Estonian Honorary Consul in Oulu

Mr. Jyrki Ristiluoma

closed: 25.6-1.08.2018

Estonian Honorary Consul in Turku

Mr. Keijo Aarre Virtanen

closed:22.6.2018 and 9.-13.7.2018

  • Operating region: Varsinais-Suomi

Estonian Honorary Consul in Kuopio

Mrs. Tuija Päivi Keinonen

closed: 25.6-30.6 and 9.-27.7.2018

  • Operating region: Northern Savonia, Southern Savonia and North Karelia

Estonian Honorary Consul in Kotka

Mr. Kyösti Olavi Manninen

closed: 28.7-26.8.2018

  • Operating region: Kymenlaakso

Estonian Honorary Consul in the Åland Islands

Mr. Johan Eriksson

closed: 25.6-29.7.2018

Operating region: Ǻland

Estonian Honorary Consul in Vaasa

Mr. Pekka Haapanen

closed: 23.-30.6.2018

  • Operating region: Ostrobothnia

Estonian Honorary Consul in Rovaniemi

Mrs Päivi Tuulikki Ohvo

closed: 25.6-01.08.2018

  • Operating region: Lapland

Estonian Honorary Consul in Tampere

Mr Jani Pekka Koivuniemi

closed: 21.6 - 8.7.2018

  • Operating region: Pirkanmaa


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